Victoria Nearby: Pacific Rim National Park

West Coast Trail view from Highway Pacific Rim National Park
Box 280, Ucluelet, BC V0R 3A0
Camping reservations 1-800-435-5622 (required mid June to mid-Sept)
This park is located along the western edge of Vancouver Island, and has three sections:

The park covers 510 square kilometres (197 square miles) and includes rocky coastline, primal first growth rain forests, and tranquil lakes and tidal estuaries. The park includes key migratory stop-overs on the Pacific migration routes, and the shoreline is popular with seabirds and sea lions, as well as Gray whales who feed offshore in the summer.

Pacific Rim National Park, with ocean haze along Long Beach An estimated 66 ships have sunk along this shoreline, and in 1907 the Canadian government established a trail system as an escape route for shipwreck survivors, which

Along the Tofino-Ucluelet Highway, you pas a sign (just north of the Highway 4 junction and park entrance) that you are crossing the 49th Parallel. Vancouver Island (along with several close-by Gulf Islands) are the only part of Canada, west of the Great Lakes that lies south of the 49th parallel.

The Park's information office is on Highway 4, and is open from mid-March to mid-October, and there is a West Coast Trail information office in Bamfield and in Port Renfrew. Trail open May - September.

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