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Running and jogging is an easy and convenient way to get in shape and meet people. Running is simply jogging FASTER. Running virtually no equipment and can be done anywhere, and can be done alone or in groups. If you have concerns about your heart or breathing discuss it with you doctor first.

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Running shoes (sometimes called "cross-training shoes") should be both comfortable and lightweight and provide good arch and ankle support. Every foot and every shoe is different and you should try on the shoes you buy and even walk around for a few minutes to ensure a comfortable fit. Some optional items to consider are: a wristwatch/stopwatch, a water resistant wind suit (Gortex is best) for all-weather running, and a water bottle. Almost any sporting goods store sells the equipment, and there are several sports shoe even running specialty stores in the city.

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You can run outside on the city's 200+ kilometres of bike paths (runners have right of way over cyclists). One of the prettiest routes, with its views of the water and Washington's Olympic Mountains, is along the trail on the south side of Dallas Rd. With the city's mild climate, you can go running pretty well any time of year. If you choose to run at night, run in brightly-colored or reflective clothing, and consider running with a partner for safety.

If you would like to join a running club, there are some in and around the city that will help you train. There's the Island Road Racers (250-920-3558) for serious runners, and the Hash House Harriers (250-995-TREE) for social runners, for starters.

There are quite a few running races throughout the year, with most in the summer. There are events from a one mile sprint, 10-K (ten kilometres), right up to marathons, triathlons and ultra-marathons (you run for 24 hours...cross-country).

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