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Elephant & Castle Pub sign When the weekend hits, its time to relax (or not) with friends, or at a nice place to meet some new ones. Whether you're part of the suit & tie crowd or have tattoos & body piercings, we've got some suggestions for you. Victoria 's club scene is strong, one of the most vibrant in Western Canada, and tends to diverge in two opposite directions: with live bands or with recorded music. You can find a club that caters to your musical (and social) preferences, but some of the good ones are a bit of a drive.

Victoria has a couple of different areas to hang out, depending on what it is you're looking for. The focal point for Victoria is around the inner Harbour (downtown), but there's lots in the outlying areas, too. Here there are a critical mass of clubs and bars mean you can park once, and then walk around.

Around the downtown are a number of hangout frequented by the younger crowd (University students and the famous "nearly wed" of Victoria ). If you're looking for numbers of the opposite are a couple of recommendations. The advantage of the downtown bars is that in the summertime, when the university & college students are out, the tourists hang out here, making for pretty interesting variety and mingling. In fact, Victoria is a popular ferry ride for under-21 Americans who are looking to experience underage (for them) drinking.

Victoria is also famous, because of its British Tradition, for its pubs. Each pub in the Old City has a beautiful handcrafted wooden pub sign. There are over a dozen pubs in the area, moving just a few blocks north from the Empress Hotel.

Oak Bay - U Vic
There are a number of nice places in the Oak Bay area, east of Victoria. This area has many older residents so the pub scene here is a little quieter than downtown. On the other hand, when you move north toward and around the University of Victoria , there are lots of little establishments that get popular (and occasionally a little rowdy) on weekends.

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