Victoria Nearby: Quadra Island

This island is just a 10 minute ferry ride from Campbell River, and is part of the Discovery Islands, first charted by George Vancouver on his ship HMS Discovery in 1793. This island is home to First Nations artist, contemporary artists, writers, and artisans, as well as practitioners of the healing arts (massage, reflexology, tai-chi, etc). This island has over 2,500 year-round residents living on its rolling forested hills, which are crisscrossed with over 200 km of hiking trails and countless back roads and trails for mountain bikers to ride.

There are three main villages on Quadra Island. Cape Mudge (Yaculta) home to the We Wai Kai band of the Laichwiltach People, part of the Kwakwak'awakw First Nation, Quathiaski Cove ("Q-Cove" to locals) most populous of the three and the island's commercial hub, and Heriot Bay picturesque gateway to the Discovery Islands & mainland inlets.

Fares are paid only enroute to Quadra and the crossing from Campbell River to Quathiaski Cove takes about 10 minutes. From Heriot Bay ferry service operates to Whaletown on Cortes Island. The rich tidal waters around the island nourish abundant marine life and are world famous for their diving, including the HMCS Columbia artificial reef.

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Kwagiulth Museum
Village of Cape Mudge
3.6 km south of the ferry terminal
Kwagiulth Museum and Culture Centre
Displays items used in Indian potlatch ceremonies. See a collection of mask, rattles, whistles, head and neck rings and other head gear. There are also photos of a turn of the century Kwakiutl village. Guided tours are available. Open mid-May to mid-September daily 10 am to 4:30 open; and rest of year Sundays noon to 4:30 pm. Allow 30 minutes. Admission $3, students and seniors $2, children $1.

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