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Getting the driver there

  • If a vehicle is stranded at/near an address or intersection, just give the address (the driver will request directions only if unfamiliar with the locale).
  • Trust the towing guy's time estimates. Barring any emergencies, he'll be there when he said.
  • Let the towing firm you are a member of the auto club when you call. They may not be able to do the towing, and will refer you to the authorized competitor (don't drop this bombshell on them when the truck arrives!)
  • Don't call for a tow/jump start if you are going to continue to try to fix the car or get it started yourself. Drivers do not appreciate (especially on a really cold morning) driving a few kilometres only to discover you have just got your car started

Getting ready to be towed

  • Please make sure the car is accessible for towing; that there are no vehicles or object blocking its access.
  • If there is going to be a problem getting to the car, let them know in advance; since they may require a different (or additional) truck or change the schedules tow time.
  • If your car breaks down frequently and needs a semi-regular towed, park it only in locations easily accessible by a tow truck.
  • Locate car keys BEFORE the truck pulls up, and remove any non-car other keys from the ring.
  • If keys are left for an unattended pickup, leave them under the seat, under a floor mat, but do NOT lock the car door!
  • Remove important stuff like baby car seat, CDs, schoolbooks, that you may need while the car is away for repairs, before the tow guy arrives or begins to drive away.
  • Instructions for the garage/mechanic should be communicate verbally to the garage or written in a note and left on the driver's seat. Giving the message to the tow guy to pass on to the message often gets lost or mixed up in translation.

Once the tow truck arrives

  • Please stand next to your vehicle with keys in hand and credit card or cash. Stand there quietly as the he performs his magic. If it is cold, ask to jump in the truck until the job is done
  • Don't assume the tow guy will take a check. These days many can handle Visa, MasterCard or Interac payments on scene
  • Most tow trucks typically only carry one or two passengers. If there are four people in your vehicle, arrangement for taxi or other transport for the others.
  • Don't expect the driver to make a diagnosis or repair. That's the mechanic's job, once the vehicle gets to them
  • Make sure all the parts that you removed while attempting self-repair are reinstalled properly before the car is towed
  • Don't put car in neutral with the brakes off. The car may roll down the street or into a house and it will be your fault.
  • Don't tell the driver how to tow your car. They've probably done it a few more times than you have.
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