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Drivers are conditioned to respond to colors.

  • Red brake lights, traffic lights and octagons tell drivers to stop.
  • Yellow flashing lights and road signs caution drivers of conditions ahead.
  • Green means go
  • Construction orange.means slow down and watch for any activity on or beside the road

Spring and summer months promise construction zones along Canada's highways, byways, side streets and main drags. While construction improves traffic flow in the end, construction can be inconvenient and quite dangerous unless drivers are vigilant

Here are some tips:

  • Follow the Signs. These protect both motorists and construction crews. Watch for traffic lane changes and speed limit reductions. Remember that a construction zone speed limit applies regardless of the presence of workers and fines are doubled (in Alberta, recent changes up fines to almost $600!).
  • Be Alert. Not everyone else is paying attention, so continuously scan the roadway for rubberneck drivers, moving equipment, vehicles and workers.
  • Stay Focused. While in a construction zone, avoid distractions such as eating and talking on a cell phone.
  • Plan Ahead. When planning your route, take time to research where construction zones are and choose an alternate route, if possible.
  • Allow for delays. Give yourself extra time if expect to drive through a work zone. Gas up beforehand so you don't run out of gas. Have drinks and snacks to keep you and your passengers (especially if driving with young children)
  • Remain Calm. Do not allow other speeding or impatient drivers reduce your guard. Be aware of tailgaters and motorists attempting to drive on the shoulder, always leave space between you and the vehicles around you.
  • Give Trucks Room. They're much bigger and heavier than you, and need more room to stop or change lanes, especially in narrow-laned construction zones.
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