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In some areas, and in certain weather conditions, you may need to use chains on your tires to get traction, for example on snowy roads in mountainous or hilly areas. Some provinces, like Ontario, have made it illegal to use chains on tires on public roads, regardless of weather conditions

For your convenience and safety:

  • Consult owners manual to see if chains can be used on your vehicle.

  • Do not deflate tires to install tire chains.

  • If a cross chain should fail, stop immediately; repair or remove.

  • Remove tire chains when driving on bare roads

  • Avoid hitting curbs with tire chains.

  • Make certain your tire chains are properly sized for your tire. A proper fit is the key to performance.

  • Tire chains are not designed for towing vehicles.

  • Be sure to pull off the highway to a safe place before installing, servicing, or removing tire chains.

  • Follow directions for installing tire chains. Apply as tightly as possible by hand for maximumchain life.

  • Do not exceed 30 m.p.h. Accelerate and decelerate slowly. Avoid spinning or locking of wheels.

  • Drive approximately 1/4 mile, stop and retighten. Extra links may be cut off or preferably retained on the fastener arm. Keep chains tight to snug throughout operation. Only after retightening may rubber adjusters be applied.
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