Victoria Car & Vehicle Pollution from Maintenance - Use Tire Recycling

When you buy a tire or battery you're likely paying a surcharge that goes to the provincial Solid Waste Management Fund (whatever the name is in your particular province).This fund contributes to the solution by paying for recycling of millions of junk tires into new uses. They can be used in asphalt paving, as a supplementary fuel in many industries and as a raw material in molded plastic and rubber products.

The bad news: tens of thousands of tires land in the junk pile before their normal life expectancy. Due to motorists' poor maintenance habits, they're damaged and/or wear unevenly, requiring replacement before their normal "retirement" time. With periodic wheel alignment and balancing, along with monthly checks of tire inflation, tires will last 10% - 20% longer. That means fewer scrap tires to dispose of; real savings to vehicle owners.

Storage of waste tires is a challenge to tire recyclers, until they are ready to be re-processed. Tires litter our landscapes, they present a fire hazard, and provide a breeding place for insects and rodents, creating a potential health hazard.

Members of the Canadian Automobile Tire Recycling Organization:

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