Victoria Car & Vehicle Maintenance - Fuels & Fluids - Tips for Getting the Best Gas Mileage

Are you worried that gas prices will continue to increase over the coming weeks and months? Proper vehicle maintenance helps your car run so it consumes the least possible amount of gasoline and oil Efficient internal combustion engines develop more energy from the fuel they burn. To keep your car efficient do the following:

  • Buy a quality gasoline that contain detergent additives.

  • Follow the owner's manual for the proper motor oil to use. (Oil that is heavier than needed causes the oil pump to do more work than necessary, decreasing engine power and fuel economy)

  • Replace the fuel filter and have the injectors, cleaning, throttle body and plate, and the inside of the intake manifold cleaned, when you service the fuel system, every 40,000 to 50,000 kilometres

  • Keep your wheels aligned, and tires inflated to correct pressures. Check the manufacturer's to increase tire life, fuel economy, improve safety and handling, and make driving easier.

  • Take everything unnecessary out of your vehicle. Trunk clutter adds to vehicle weight which the engine has to work harder to move around, wasting gas.

  • Change the air filter regularly, following your owner's manual recommendations. Air filters clean the air of debris before it is put into the engine for combustion. More (and purer) air optimizes engine efficiency, increases power and your gas mileage.

  • Service your automatic transmission to keep it from slipping. Check the torque converter's "Lock-Up" feature, which may generate excess heat, which in turn makes the transmission less efficient which reduces gas mileage.
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