Victoria Buying, Selling or Leasing Cars - Used Cars - Used Car Stunts

Watch for these stunts:

  • Dealers trying to pass off damaged or fleet vehicles on negotiated deals. W hat you thought was a defect-free new car may come with undisclosed hidden damage repairs, damage, or defects.
  • A supplemental warranty being pressured on you. A well-built car with a good basic warranty should have no need for any kind of supplemental warranty.
  • Automobiles displaying low mileage (odometer readings may be rolled back illegally)
  • Used vehicles that are represented as "executive car" or "demo"
  • Seller will not or cannot show you the repair orders or identify the former owner (Motor Vehicles can provide this using the serial number under the windshield)
  • Vehicle shipped from other province or bought from another dealer
  • Watch the vehicle while you are finalizing the paperwork. Unscrupulous dealers will sometimes remove trim or fuel before you drive the product off the lot.
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