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Babies have weak neck and back muscles that need extra support when traveling in a vehicle. A rear-facing infant seat will support your baby's head and neck in a sudden stop or a crash. Be sure you use a rear-facing infant seat that fits your baby's weight and height.

Considering a Used Safety Seat?

While some say putting a child in a used seat isn't worth the risk, other experts suggest parents follow these guidelines:

  • The seat must have its original label, with the model number and manufacturing date.
  • If you didn't get the original owner's manual with the used seat, get a PDF copy online or contact the manufacturer.
  • Don't use any seat that is more than 6 years old because parts can break down over time.
  • Go to the website to ensure the child seat hasn't been recalled.
  • Find out if the seat was involved in a crash. If you can't find the original owner, or if the seat has been involved in a crash, don't use it.
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