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Girl swimming underwater Here is all the information about swimming and pools (Maps of Swimming Pools) in the Victoria area. The Commonwealth Pool was built for the 1994 Commonwealth Games. It has two 50-metre pools, Victoria 's only wave pool, diving towers, plus a gym. The Oak Bay pool also has a 45 metre slide, ping-pong, skating and a skateboarding half-pipe.

Pool Address Community Phone #

Crystal Pool

2275 Quadra Street.

Victoria , BC.

(250) 361-0732

Esquimalt Recreation Centre

527 Fraser

Esquimalt, V9A 3P1

(250) 414-7102

Gordon Head Recreation Centre

4100 Lambrick Wayr

Victoria , V8N 5R3

(250) 475-7100

Juan de Fuca Parks & Recreation

1767 Island Highway

Victoria ,V9B 1J1

(250) 478-8384

Panorama Recreation Centre

1885 Forest Park Dr

North Saanich, V8L 4A3

(250) 656-7271

Oak Bay Recreation Centre

1975 Bee

Oak Bay

(250) 595-7946.

Saanich Commonwealth Place

4636 Elk Lake Dr.

Saanich, V8Z 7K2

(250) 475-7600

YM-YWCA Of Greater Victoria

880 Courtney

Victoria , V8W 1C4

(250) 386-3714

YM-YWCA Of Greater Victoria

521 Craigflower Road

Victoria , V9A 6Z5

(250) 388-6120

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