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Be less specific, to list more items

Usually one or two conditions is all you need! If you use every query option and NO items are listed, you're getting too specific (or too fussy).

Use a partial name or address in the SPECIFIC search

You may still list several items, with a similar (partial) name or address, but it's faster. If you enter a name or address, the other options are ignored!

Filter quickly using the AREA or the POSTALCODE.

Use Postal codes to find a business in your neighbourhood. For a more general search, use the Area. You are "Downtown" only if your postal code starts with T2P. You are in "Central" if you are close to downtown between Crowchild Trail in the west, 16th Avenue in the north, 40th Avenue in the south, and Deerfoot Trail in the east.

Use a building or mall name in either the name or address field.

You can find restaurant in a hotel by entering the hotel name in the Name or the Address field in a "specific" search.

Enter a unique PART of the name or address

You do not have to enter an entire name, or even the first few letters. Type an unusual letter combination, or just the part you know the spelling of. Do not type punctuation or plurals: For "Earl's" type "earl"

Do not use punctuation in addresses.

You do not need periods in shortforms or quadrants. An address like 135, 10850 - 102nd Street N.W. should be entered as "135 10850 102 St NW" or just "102 St NW".

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