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News/AnnouncementsMar 22-24 Noowick Downsizer Liquidation Sale in Mill Bay (3/15/2019 to 3/24/2019)

If ever there was a line crossed between stockpiling and creating a museum, this is it. A property brimming over with ceiling-high boxed new upon new items, antiques upon antiques & fountains of delight.This mega-storage of collectibles in th...

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News/AnnouncementsAug 11 Folkstone Moving Liquidation Sale in Nanaimo (8/4/2017 to 8/11/2099)

You'll want to look over everything in this home that overlooks every other house and hilltop for miles. With gorgeous views of wood and trees both inside and outside you can take some of the breathtaking home with you.This short 1-day sale leave...

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News/AnnouncementsJun 24-25 Ryan Moving Liquidation Sale in Ladysmith (6/19/2017 to 6/25/2099)

When it comes to your kids you have permission to play...then add a four-legged friend and you can all be played out together. Plus, what better to way to teach the young'uns how to shop for the best deals than at our sales?Mixing things up is wh...

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News/Announcements9 Years of Community Support (10/24/2011 to 11/24/2099)

Besides offering a great service, do you know what it takes for an educational agency to survive and thrive in Victoria? According to Dahlia Miller of Smart Tutor Referrals, it's the trust and support of the community. "August 2011 ma...

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News/AnnouncementsSPEEDCUBERS: RUBIK'S CUBE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 2011 (10/6/2011 to 10/6/2099)

On October 14th the Rubik World Championship kikcs off in Bangkok, Thailand. 350 competitors from 40 countries, among them many world record holders and national champions are going to compete in the 3 day event. The question is: Who will earn...

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